The Loving Mommy Snake


Written and Illustrated by Anabelle (7)

png 2


One there was a very loving mommy snake with three loving daughters.  Her daughters’ names were Anabelle, Isley, and Evey.  And the mother’s name was Mrs. Kelly.

They heard a rustle in the bushes of their home.  They looked outside, and they saw an orange and white tail.  And they knew what it was.

png 3

It was a fox.

png 4

They hid from the fox and soon they grew hungry.  The fox could smell the snakes and waited for them to come out.

png 5

Now the snakes’ tummies hurted and they hoped the fox would go away soon.

png 6

Or else, they thought, they would starve.  When the snakes got so hungry they couldn’t help it, they went outside to look for something to eat and the fox saw them and was getting ready to leap.

png 7

But the fox missed the snakes and hurt his leg.

png 10

And the snakes finally got something to eat.  And then the snakes were happy again.




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