Warthogs in the Sky


Written by Luke (age 31)

Illustrated by Anabelle (age 7)


Winifred Warthog was feeling very alone.

Her family and friends had risen early and wandered over the hill and beyond to the watering hole.  Now the sun was high and the heat made Winifred wilty.

She stayed home beneath a leaning tree and waited.

And waited.

While she waited, Winifred did something she had never done before.  There was nothing happening AROUND her, so she looked UP at the sky.

It was blue and bright like a shimmering watering hole.

And there she saw them — two gray shapes that could almost look like warthogs if you squinted just right.  Winifred watched them.

And watched them.

While she did so, Winifred did not feel so very alone.




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