by Anabelle, Isley, Kelly, and Luke

Once there was a frog and she went hopping along the lily pads.

bear and frog (3)

Bear was there in his tight underwear.  His “swimsuit” was two sizes too small.  He hopped along, too, then SLIPPED and SPLASHED into the water!  He lay on his back.  He didn’t move.

He was stuck.

bear and frog (2)

“Do you know how to swim?” asked the frog.

“No” admitted the bear.

Frog asked if he would like a lesson, but Bear became grumpy.

“How could you teach me?” growled Bear.  “You are just a little frog.”

So Frog swam to the shore and made ice cream.  She made Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, which happened to be Bear’s favorite.

bear and frog (1)

Frog left the ice cream and asked the bear again.  Bear was hungry.

“Okay” Bear grumbled.

So Frog taught Bear how to swim.  She explained swimming step-by-step.  She swam around and around until Bear tried and eventually learned.

bear and frog

Then the two enjoyed the ice cream together.

“Do you know how to make ice cream?” Frog asked.

“No” Bear admitted.  “Would you teach me?”


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