Trees With Water And Trees Without


by Anabelle Ellington

The happy tree always gets the water.  But the other dull and sad trees don’t.


And then one day, a dull and not very happy tree had an excellent, awful idea.  His idea was to get the water from the happy, nice tree.

And so he asked the tree to give him ALL the water he had.

“Give me all the water!” he said.  Like that.


And so the tree that had the most water gave his water to the other tree that was the most poorest one.  And so he was happy that he had the water.  But then the other poor tree noticed that the other poor tree had the water from the one that always had all the water.


The poor tree gave a little bit of his water.  But not the tree that mostly had all the water.  That tree didn’t have any water any more.  And so he couldn’t give it away.  He is still happy ’cause he likes to share.


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