Squaky The Chicken

Chickens live everywhere in the world.

Only one has her own bedroom and cell phone.

Hi, I’m Squaky!

Being an indoor chicken is not easy.

I have to wake up really, really, really early in the morning.


I do sleep in…sometimes.  But that is because I work so hard all day.

I work hard to learn new things.


I solve problems.


I like to build my communication skills.


I also exercise my imagination.  A LOT.


My humans don’t appreciate my unique talents.  I asked them about it today.

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

“EGGS!” they shouted.  That’s right, they shouted at me.

So I shouted back.

“I WANT A FANCY NEW CELL PHONE!” I shouted.  That’s right, I should have kept my beak shut.

That’s why I ended up here.


At the nature trail.  Alone.

My humans said the fresh air would be good for me.  They say i need to be pro-duck-tive.  But the ducks here just look lazy.

I may not have a fancy new cell phone, but the one I have takes pictures.  So I decided to make the most of my long walk home.

And, you know…I kind of liked all that nature.





I even made a new friend, who I carried  for a while.


It was a pretty nice day.

Being the thoughtful indoor chicken I am…I even gave my humans some eggs when I got home.

The best kind at the store.







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