Hungry Fire Baby (Luke’s version)

Pictures and Words: Luke

It began with a single spark.

Inside the chaos of Thunderstorm, the precious spark grew. Thunderstorm grew and grew until the whole sky was filled.

Luke, 30

Luke, 30

Thunderstorm rippled and rolled. Thunderstorm flickered and flashed furiously. Thunderstorm boomed!

Hungry Fire Baby was born.

Hungry Fire Baby was hungry!

The leaf below Hungry Fire Baby was very dry and brown. A fallen maple leaf. Hungry Fire Baby licked it and found that it was cold but sweet.

More licking!

Hungry Fire Baby licked the maple leaf until it was black and curled and perfectly hot.

Luke, 30

Luke, 30

Hungry Fire Baby was still hungry!

Beside the black and curly leaf sat a small twig. It was short and knobby. Hungry Fire Baby crawled over to the twig and nibbled carefully.

More nibbling!

Hungry Fire Baby nibbled the twig until it crumbled into red, hot coals.

Hungry Fire Baby was even more hungry!

Standing up, Hungry Fire Baby saw a whole pile of leafs and twigs. The leafiest leaves! The twiggiest twigs! Hungry Fire Baby began to walk and grab and bite and bite.

More biting!

Hungry Fire Baby bit the pile of leafs and twigs until it was a hot, smoking mess.

Hungry Fire Baby was hungrier still!

A tall pine tree loomed above the burning pile of leaves and twigs. Hungry Fire Baby lept onto its mossy bark and began to climb and chomp.

More chomping!

Hungry Fire Baby chomped all the way up the side of the tree. Hidden pockets of pine pitch made Hungry Fire Baby pop and explode with flare! The pine tree’s needles became sparklers.

Hungry Fire Baby became wild with hunger!

Hungry Fire Baby saw a whole forest. Jumping from one to the next, Hungry Fire Baby began swallowing trees whole. Running! Leaping! Spiraling out of control!

Swallowing it all!

Luke, 30

Luke, 30

Hungry Fire Baby nearly consumed the whole forest!

Thunderstorm returned with a heavy heart. Everything below was chaos and smoke.

Silently, Thunderstorm began to cry. Cold raindrops stilled Hungry Fire Baby’s raging hunger. Hungry Fire Baby felt sleepier and sleepier. It didn’t hurt. It felt rather good. Curled up inside a soft pile of damp leaves, Hungry Fire Baby began to smolder.

Luke, 30

Luke, 30

More smoldering and now resting.

Hungry Fire Baby is full of dreams!


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