Hungry Fire Baby (Anabelle’s version)

Pictures and Words: Anabelle

Once upon a time, there was a Hungry Fire Baby and he saw a speck of dust.  And then he ate the speck of dust.  It was only 8″ long.

Then he saw a rabbit.  He ate the rabbit.

Anabelle, 6

Anabelle, 6

Then he saw a raccoon.  He ate the raccoon.

Then he saw a horse.  He ate the horse.

And then he saw a bridge.  He ate the bridge.

Then he saw a really, really big tower.  He ate the tower.

Anabelle, 6

Anabelle, 6

And then he saw something on his feet.  It was the world.  And he at the whole, entire world.

And then he ate all the stars in space.

And then he burped.  And it was all just really a dream.  Everything was back to normal.


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