Mr. Ruggles and the Baby

Concept: Anabelle

Pictures: Anabelle and Isley

Words: Luke

Mr. Ruggles was tired of lying around the house all day.

So he got up.

Anabelle, 6

Anabelle, 6

Mr. Ruggles had never been outside.  He decided to try it.

Whoa!  Outside was a big place.

Anabelle, 6

Anabelle, 6

The green carpet felt great on his feet.

Raindrops started falling from the big blue ceiling.  Mr Ruggles rolled himself out on the green carpet, began collecting the cool drops, and fell asleep.

Isley, 3

Isley, 3

He woke up to a tickly surprise.  A big, hairy spider was skittering across his arm!

Anabelle, 6

Anabelle, 6

So he got up and sped away on a skateboard.

Anabelle, 6

Anabelle, 6

This is how he reached the Riverside Farmers’ Market with its alluring array of veggies, jammin’ bluegrass band, and bustling crowd.

Mr. Ruggles thought about finding a nice place to nap, but he saw something that amazed him.  A little girl dancing to the jammin’ bluegrass band held in her arms…


Anabelle, 6

Anabelle, 6

Yes, Mr. Ruggles became a father in that moment.  He carefully stepped off the skateboard.  He grew a neat beard.  He stood up taller and discovered he had a deep, daddy voice.

“Hello” said Mr. Ruggles, a bit nervously.

“Hello” said the little girl.  “Would you like to hold my blankie?”

Mr. Ruggles did.

“Her name is Saysa” the little girl said.

Mr. Ruggles felt love for Saysa with every fiber of his being.  He folded his daughter in his arms and moved gently to the music.


And Swaying.

And dancing to that bluegrass music like they were the only two in the world.

Isley, 3

Isley, 3

When the band was done jammin’, the little girl had to go home with her parents.

“Would you like to come home with us?” she asked.

Mr. Ruggles did.

From then on, he was much too busy to lie around the house all day.

But even a great father like Mr. Ruggles needs to lie down for a nap…sometimes.


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