The Fox that Ate a Butterfly

Concept: Anabelle

Pictures: Anabelle and Isley

Words: Luke

Fixie the fox was not like other red foxes.

While they chased rabbits and mice and other scampering things, she ate only flowers.  Her favorite place to eat flowers was in the meadow.

One afternoon, in the time before people were in the world, Fixie the fox sat in the meadow crying.

“Oh, I’ve eaten every kind of flower!” she wailed.  “Oh, I’ve eaten every flower in the meadow!  There is nothing left for me.”

It was true.  The meadow was no longer vibrant with colors.  The rabbits and mice and other scampering things had nowhere to hide, so they left.  The other red foxes had nothing to chase, so they left.  Fixie the fox sat alone a long time.

Then she noticed something new in the meadow.  Something buttery yellow, ripely red, and shimmering with other tasty colors.

“A new flower!” Fixie the fox gasped as she opened her jaws and swallowed it whole.  Then it happened — in her tummy!


Anabelle, 5

Anabelle, 5

“What was that?” she yelped.  “I had better visit Doctor Badger across the river.”

So off she went.  Fixie the fox thought her rummy troubles might be over when she nearly stepped on a thorn.  It happened again — in her tummy!


She saw the thorn, stepped over it, and continued on.

When she reached the river, Fixie the fox nearly stepped on slick river rock.  It happened again!

And again!

And again!

Each time it happened, she chose a better rock to step on.  She reached the far side of the river without slipping once.  Chompers the crocodile was disappointed.  It was lunch time, after all.

Isley, 3

Isley, 3

Fixie the fox told her story.  Doctor Badger was baffled.

He checked for a frog in her throat.

“No, not that” he huffed.

He checked for bats in her belfry.

“No, not that either” he gruffed.

But when he reached his paw toward Fixie the fox’s tummy, it happened.


“Ah ha!” announced Doctor Badger.  “Sounds like you’ve got  a butterfly in your tummy.”

“Oh, what will I do?” whined Fixie the fox.

“Simple my dear fox.  Just go back to your meadow and open your mouth.  The butterfly will see all those flowering flowers and flutter out free.”  Doctor Badger beamed.

Fixie the fox thought of the empty meadow and only whimpered.

She was so upset she didn’t feel the fluttering in her tummy as she headed home.  She slipped on a slick river rock and tumbled into the mouth of Chompers the crocodile.  Chompers gulped her down whole.


Anabelle, 5

Then he felt it — in his tummy.



Anabelle, 5

Chompers the crocodile scrambled out of the river and straight to Doctor Badger, who laughed when he heard the story.

“Sounds like you have a butterfly in the tummy…of a fox in your tummy.”

“Oh, what will I do?” croaked Chompers the crocodile.

Doctor Badger beamed.

“Simple, my dear crocodile.  My nurse, Salissa the snake, will pull them out.  But you must never eat another fox or badger or snake or butterfly.”

Chompers agreed.  And he opened his mouth wide…then wider…then wider still.

Salissa the snake slithered down into the crocodile’s tummy and grabbed hold of Fixie the fox by the tip of her bushy tail.  Salissa the snake pulled until the fox popped out in a gloppy puddle.

Fixie the fox was gld to be free but was sad to find the tip of her tail was now white.  Salissa had pulled off the red color with her powerful grip.  This is why snakes today have red tongues and red foxes have white-tipped tails.

Fixie the fox thanked Doctor Badger and Salissa the snake and headed back home to the meadow.  She listened to her tummy this time.  She arrived in the meadow at night and sat down crying.

“Thank you for keeping me safe” she said to the butterfly.  “Please forgive me, for I have eaten all the flowers in the meadow.  There are no more.  But if I ever see another, I promise to set you free and never eat another flower.”

Fixie the fox felt a gentle flutter in her tummy before falling asleep.

She awoke to a great surprise.  New flowers had bloomed in the meadow.

Isley, 3

Isley, 3

Rabbits and mice and other scampering things were scampering.  The other red foxes were chasing them.  All around was noise and color and life.  Fixie the fox stood with her jaws wide open.


Out flew the butterfly, calling “never eat another flower…I will hold you to it!”

Anabelle, 5

Anabelle, 5


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